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Stupid Wip Like Always phoque yay by Kawaii797
Stupid Wip Like Always phoque yay
Actually re-re-redoing Nono's ancestor = v = Also changed how I do the line to test- Idk if I prefer that type of line than the normally one hum but will see when I'll finish it  -even if I'm surrely gonna die for the color because I have no idea of how colo an armor-
Fantrolls, all of them by Kawaii797
Fantrolls, all of them
Geez, finaly finish those little brats, aahhh it's took longer than expected ahahaha (certainly because of, welp, don't have much time for myself, and, don't have the motivation -Schoolsdrainallmyenergiesrsly- )

So, yay, mbe I'll add things on them in the futur and for the information that I put today about them, mbe I'll change them later, a, yes I used a base for Alvida shoes and Noliar feets-

And yay, for the moment, no surname for the moment, keep thinking if I, welp, make their surname sound like physics elements (for example, Alvida would certainly have something like Aurume (gold) ect ect) but yay, Don't know for the moment, I have to search for what element would fits which ect ect, but, I find this idea interessing, So, will think about it (if you have proposition, don't be shy to ask !) but, If I don

Although for me, troll are considered Adult at about 10 sweeps, no at 8- (it is "maturity", and for me, that's not the same-)

[K]asiat [K]ruzev / [M]utant / [F]emale / 6.82 Sweeps / 1'74cm

[S]aluné [J]ingio / [U]mber Blood / [M]ale / 5.58 Sweeps / 1'55cm

[K]ritz [S]tragm / [Y]ellow Blood / [F]emale / 7.87 Sweeps / 1'70cm

[A]dameo [E]rlkom / [O]live Blood / [M]ale / 6.93 Sweeps / 1'91cm

[A]urmt/ [L]ime Blood / [F]emale / 8.05 Sweeps / 1.77cm (no siletto)

[O]lpiut / [J]ade Blood / [M]ale / 7.77 Sweeps / 1'68cm

[T]elena [U]rmini / [T]eal Blood / [F]emale / 5.03 Sweeps / 1'45cm

[X]ineam [T]olkim / [C]erulean Blood /  [M]ale / 8.11 Sweeps / 1'85cm

[A]ntrol [H]iotam  / [B]lue Blood / [F]emale / 7.49 Sweeps / 1'60cm

[N]oliar [P]rolti / [V]iolet Blood / [F]emale / 8.01 Sweeps / 1'79cm

If ya want to rp with me, don't be shy to ask and just,...ask...CAPTAIN OBLIVIOUS HELLO

(it's late, so, I certainly said stupid things-likealways- ahahahahah will see 
(and certain correct/edit) this tomorow , time to work -work and always woorrkk- on this shitty exam-)

Viva el estupido Wipo by Kawaii797
Viva el estupido Wipo
Yes, my title means nothing (VIVA EL ESTUPIDO WIPO² AHAHA//VLAN)

So yay, I'm currently respriting Kristz e u e/ Geez the face is what I prefer do when I sprite !! Ahahaha o u o

Already revamp :
Kasiat, Saluno, Uizhou, Telena, Antrol, Noliar

Still have to resprite :
Xineam, Adameo and Alvida/
Stupid Lands' test by Kawaii797
Stupid Lands' test
So yay, I'm currently searching for my Fantroll's land quest etc etc*kofkof* I'm an shit in this seriously- But, doing the land is more funny ahahaha ! And it is pretty simpplllee ttttooo !~ Just 1 hours (or less) to make one ?/ Mbe one day I do a step by step = v =

So for the moment I have :

Land of ??? and Huricanes

Land of ??? and Windows

Land of ??? and Veins

Land of Heat and Frogs (Red's one)

Land of Storm and Passion

Land of Dancefloor and Tempo

Land of Jugdment and Corruption (White's one)

Land of ??? and Deltas

Land of Luminescence and Nothingness (Black's one)

Land of Sleep and Desires

And, na, will not say which land is for which trolls, will just let people (who want) try to guess /o/ (yay I do nothing of my life, yay)

Btw, if you're good at finding an land name, humm, please, if it don't bother you, humm, can I have some advise ? ;v;


Kawaii797's Profile Picture
I am Kawaii797 or Kawawa or Kawa' >8D I am a quite crazy guirl who like said weird thing o/

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Ohhh thanks you rtgrvfg-- I could say the same about your's--
And yes i do !
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