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Il était une fin..
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May 5, 2015
1:42 pm
May 4, 2015
4:32 pm
May 3, 2015
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May 1, 2015
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Apr 28, 2015
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Gruby by Kawaii797

Je m'ennuyais, alors, une petite version grub de Thrope -ca fait un bail que je ne l'ai pas dessiné d'ailleurs- donc ba vuala, la période de la vie ou il n'avait pas encore ses poils, un thrope sans poil

Mais un Thrope avec toujours la même tête de con par contre faut pas déconner
Sunny Day by Kawaii797
Sunny Day
Welp, it's kind of a fail for meh welp² will do better next time
It's not ugly so, it just that, urrgg something is odd in this drawing but I can't point it out

I think that it is his face, or maybe his hair ? Or his horn ? I may change them
So ya, another fantroll, fuck,though I'm pretty sure I will keep him. He would also certainly be the moirial of the previous Fuchsia blood (or maybe is mate ?)

Jesus why do I do more fantroll, I just finished noliar's bio and yay, more work, why so stupid
I still don't know his name by Kawaii797
I still don't know his name
I still don't know if I keep him

Though I wanted to practice boy's body, so, yay, I took him cause why not

Even so there is so many mistake at so many level geez

Like, there is only the sky wich can be considered at correct

Also I wanted to put the moon, but, yay, fail so I deleted it



and best title ever
Xineam Revamp by Kawaii797
Xineam Revamp
I didn't like the previous design, so, I changed it, again tho I don't know if I kept those clothes or not, I mean, this revamp is more an hair revamp so *laughs* but I kind of like it, so I'll see, also I am happy cause I make him more mature so yay 

Btw because I am in vacation now (alllelluuiiaaa) I'll finaly be able to do all the bio of my fantroll (allelluiaa²) for the moment I just end up begin Noliar's one, so, yay, she will be the first one to be post I think upupu

Mauve I'll make a thing like this for her ? Like I need a drawing for the profil and maybe I would be able to use also as talksprite ? Idk I'll see

so yay, whatever
  • Mood: Miserable
For the First 10 people to comment on this journal, I will feature one of their OC's of my choosing I like most and choose three deviations from your gallery that I think are awesome. 

If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone 


Fav Character: |OC|- Aurink Mafana Improvement by Shikubii
THIS WAS SO HARD DO CHOOSE JESUS But here you go ! He is such a cutie, I'll hope I'll be able to learn more about him one day

The Three Deviation://OC: ALL MAH BABES IN TINYCHIBI O3O// by Shikubii //FNAF// Why are you looking at me ? by ShikubiiThis is called trying a new thing and fail by Shikubii

Again an hard choice, I mean all your chibi are just so well drawn and your gallery is so diversified srsly, but here you go !

2. :iconlacrymoza:/:iconasylum-storage: 

Fav Character: [ DP109|REVOLUTION - Hana | OverDead ] by Lacrymoza

It's was an hard choice, cause, yay, I never really get the chance to know ur oc, BUT JESUS SHE IS LIKE EVERYTHING I LIKE ABOUT UR ART SRSLY LIKE FUCKING CHRIST I MEAN JESUS PERFECT COLO PERFECT DESIGN SUPAR BADASS JESUS alsoIjustrememberthatwestartedanrpandIneverreplied,SHAMEONME

The Three Deviation:- U T O P I O S P H E R E - by Lacrymoza[Es] by Asylum-Storage

Sempai, ya need to post more of ur art, CAUSE IT IS FREAKING AWESOME, I mean, jesus, everytime u post one, I'm like "FGRTYRFDVG PERFECTION"  SO KEEP GOING SEMPAI I AM COUTING ON YOU

3. :iconrainy-potato:

Fav Character: Aarnik by rainy-potato

One day, I'll draw him, I swear to god that I will draw him no mather what, JESUS CUTIE WARNING, wait this is too late, everyone died because of his cuteness BAM

The Three Deviation: Braid by rainy-potatoAngry triangle by rainy-potatoVirgo by rainy-potato

HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO CHOOSE ONLY 3 DRAWING THAT'S SO CRUEL. Seriously, you are one of the people who have one of the best aquarelle skill, and that's not all, ur style is awesome, and u color arrange (I don't know if it's called like that) is just perfect and it's make an superb atmosphere. And with that everything, it's make an wonderfull art style. Keep going !

4. :iconyushikuni:

Fav Character: DP109 : Meiko by Yushikuni

PROTECT MEI NO MATHER WHAT ! Jesus, first, I like how she look, but then that's not all, she isn't just a good designed character, HELL NO, her personality is so freaking cool too, freaking adorable ironical girl, let's me kiss you. And I reallllyy love her relation with Nozomi tho, it's also supar cute and funny AndnoIamnotshippingthemthat'snottrue.

The Three Deviation: Utopia - Amaterasu by YushikuniRaffle Chibi 01 by Yushikuni[ DPR ] Let's Draw -  Mouton by Yushikuni

I think that you already know it, but, I love your art, especially your coloring style AND YOUR DESIGN JUST LOOK AT AMATERASU JESUS how do you even do that, I don't even know if that's human or not zefrgt And you know that I also love your pixel, freaking fabulous pixel, stop saying that you are not the pixel godness you monster. Just keep going waifu, you and your art are just awesome cutie cutie glace a la carotte <3








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